April 2020

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Usually, every site generates revenue to encourage customers and investors, and you can reward others by introducing them.

These bonuses are calculated as a percentage.

For example, you invest in a website that has a 3 to 10 percent customer referral program. This site rewards you depending on how much money the person you invite invests.

For example, your friend is invited to invest in you and invests $ 1,000. According to the rules of the site, you will be rewarded with 5% of the $ 1,000, which is $ 50.

Note that referral and reward programs have several different types.

Some of them are networked and some only pay attention to the person you are invited to and pay you the investment bonus.

Note that reputable sites can generate good revenue for you by inviting others, and if you have an audience on your website or channel, you can receive a referral by inviting them to invest.

There is usually a special link to invite your username or a specific text after the main website address. Pay attention to the following examples: