July 2020

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Neroos is a medium-income high-quality asset, which offers customers the opportunity to earn money by developing applications for the gaming industry.

Project information

May 30 was marked as a day the neroos.com platform was launched. The administration of the website made the right choice by acquiring the advertising, as the asset promotion on the Internet was as smooth as possible. Many of the investors considered the fund's launch before the summer season as an application for productive work, so the company also drew some attention to itself. According to the customer feedback, the project participants highlighted a decent technical build. And the company really has something to boast about - it works on a self-written script, has a dedicated server and a domain for 4 years. The impeccable technical configuration is supplemented by appealing design and the presence of several language versions.

According to the company's website, its specialists have created a self-learning neural network, which is effectively used to earn money through gambling. To develop this unique algorithm, the website administration also attracts funds from private investors.

Investment conditions on Neroos

The neroos.com organizers offer investors three tariff categories, which include several variations. Each category offers its own yield percentage and term, depending on the deposit amount. Additionally, users can create a bonus deposit using funds from the bonus balance.

Daily tariffs
• Yield: 6% daily
• Investment period: 20 days
• Deposit limit: $10-1000

• Yield: from 130% to 220% for the term
• Investment period: 20-60 days
• Deposit amount: $10-10,000
* interest and deposit payments at the end of the term

Marketing features

• Limits on the deposit amount: from $10 to $10,000.
• Payment systems: Tether, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Payeer.
• Cryptocurrency conversion: no.
• Minimum withdrawal amount: $0.1 for fiat, $10 for cryptocurrency.
• Profit withdrawal: instant; on request.
• Affiliate program: from 3% to 7%-2%-2%-1%-0.5%.

Registration on neroos.com

Visit the official Neroos website to see more details about the project, then use the "My account" button to proceed to registration. You will be provided with an authorization form, at the bottom of which you will need to press "Registration".

Once you have done so, you will be presented with a standard registration form, where you will need to specify your username, password, and e-mail address, and enter your verification code. In the end, you will need to accept the agreement and click "Create account".

Log in to the project website, then select "Add funds" in the "Balance" tab and create a standard deposit request. Choose a payment system, specify the investment amount, and make the payment using the chosen method.

You will be able to withdraw your earnings via the "Balance" section, where you should select the "Withdraw" function. When making a request, you will need to specify the payment system and the withdrawal amount, and then confirm the request.