April 2020

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Although the nature of this business seems very simple, there are some points that ignoring it will cause you to fail in this business. It is very important what strategy we use to promote this business. In this post, we will share with you what we have learned and experienced so that you can experience the taste of success in this business.


First Golden Tip:

To start this business, do not sell anything from your property or take out a loan or a loan. There is no need to do this, even with $ 5 you can start this business and gradually expand it. You may not believe it, but my initial capital to start it was $ 40. Always enter this business with a maximum of 30% of your total capital, even if this 30% is not more than forty dollars.


Second Golden Tip:

Choose projects and investment plans that are less repayable. These projects will last longer and will benefit you better. Before investing in any project, consider that if your $ 10 investment is more than $ 3 or $ 4 a month in profits, the project will not last long and will be inactive sooner than a project that earns $ 2 a month for $ 10. will be.


Third Golden Tip:

Shorter-term plans with lower profits and daily refunds are much more appropriate than longer-term and more profitable plans, but their repayment is late. Choose plans that will reach your capital in a short period of time, and then whatever you receive will be your profit.

Fourth Golden Tip: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. For example, if you plan to enter the business for $ 100, don't invest all $ 100 in a project. You can divide your capital into five parts of $ 20 and invest it in 5 different projects. No project, not even the best, is eternal, and will one day be inactive. This business is such that if you bring five eggs, one of them will break and the other four will become chicks.


Fifth Golden Tip:

The life of any project is not exactly known, so we recommend that you start your business with younger projects and projects that have not been started for a long time. Investing in a project that is 1 to 20 days later is much less risky than starting a project that is 90 days old. There are also cases where projects have a long lifespan and have been active for more than 200 days. Usually, these projects are very strong and will last a very long time, and if you are careful, you will see that their payment profit is reasonable. These are good projects that you can count on for successive courses. However, still consider all aspects and avoid emotional investment.


Sixth golden point:

Be sure to withdraw your account balance balance every day and don't let it accumulate. There is always the risk of projects failing, so don't leave a balance on your account, even if it's very small, withdraw it every day.


Seventh Golden Tip:

But the most important thing is to reinvest. You might say, well, I'm going into a project with $ 10, and I'm going to increase my next investment to $ 30, and I'm going to invest $ 50 the next year. This is exactly where you make your biggest mistake. Incidentally, you should do the opposite and always pursue a capital exit strategy, so after checking the project sustainability indicators and making sure you get enough of it with $ 50, you have made a good profit after the end of the course. You've come to the conclusion that the project will last another season. This time, invest $ 30 again, and then $ 10, and finally get out of that project and enter a younger project. Of course, there are exceptions and there are good projects that are more than 200 days old and have room for capital increase. However, in these cases, if you want to increase capital, be careful and increase capital from your profit.


Eighth Golden Tip:

Pay attention to signs during projects. For example, when you receive an email from a project manager about a plan with a very high profit in a very short time or other such offers, know that the project is coming to an end and the project manager wants to raise more capital in the last days. The project will be deactivated in the coming days. So by no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Or, for example, when you see a project site doing a mini-project or making your server stronger, these are good signs and give hope that the project will be stable for at least one or more other periods.


Warning: Our team has nothing to do with the projects introduced on the site. Investing in online projects is just as risky as physical projects, and the decision to invest and any profit or loss is up to you. If for any reason you think you can't succeed in this business, avoid any investment in separate projects.