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The platforms to earn money see one more interesting bux with an opportunity to earn with and without investment - PTC share, the review below will give the users’ feedback and the details about it.

A detailed review of PTC share bux

PTCshare is a new project from the experienced developers of buxes. It was launched on 14 June 2019. The same administrators started similar paid-to-click projects before, and their previous pet project called PaidVerts has been working since 2014 and continues to pay the profit to the earners rather successfully. As for this new project, it is supposed that you can earn by viewing ads, and there is an investment component which can bring you more profit.
PTCshares generates lots of buzz even before it started. Pre-start was organized for the users to register – this helped to register about 40 thousand users by the time of the official start of the bux project! No wonder, because the experienced administrators combined their best practices and skills in this project to develop an exciting service which helps the advertisers, freelancers, and even investors earn money.

How to earn in

The profit on a bux can be earned by ad views without any investments. The users who can invest have an opportunity to earn more. To do this, you should buy the ad packages which will bring 1.18$ per every invested 1$. In other words, the bux offers to invest at 118%, and you can invest not only your personal money, but also the money from ad views.
What is more, the project has its own currency called BAP (exchange rate - 1 BAP = 0.0005$). The more BAPs a user has, the higher he/she is ranked in the system – the sum can move a user from one group to another, there are eleven groups in total. The higher a group is in the ranking list, the higher the profit is, and the earlier the invested money could be returned. 1 invested dollar will bring you 2360 BAPs on your account, in this case the cashout is 1.18$.

You can get BAPs by several ways:
• When a user registers, he/she will automatically be rewarded with 100 BAPs.
• For ad views. At 03:00 am Moscow time the service sends the users some ads for viewing, you can earn 5 BAPs for every ad out of 8 ads (later on there will be more and more ads).
• You are given 5 BAPs daily when you log into your account.
• You can get BAPs by playing the games (they are in Games section). Please be advised that a game costs 10 - 25 BAPs.
• BAP can be bought in Buy BAPs section.
• for buying the ads in Bulk ads section.

The higher the user’s group is (its rank, as we have already mentioned, depends on the number of BAP on the account), the more expensive the ad views are. By receiving the cash ads and viewing them, a user can earn from 0.0005$ to 0.01$. The users from the high groups get more ads, therefore it is reasonable to use a filter which can select the most attractive offers and weed out the cheap ones. This filter is paid for and costs 10$, therefore it is not reasonable for the users from the low groups to buy it.
Additional ads can be received by buying upgrade. This service costs 0.05$, but it is accessible for the users with at least 2500 BAPs on the account. What is more, there are upgrades for the accelerated BAP exchange into cash, these upgrades can prolong the time allocated on ad views.

PTC share earning strategy

The key idea of earning at bux is that the more BAPs you have on your account, the more you earn. But if you reach a particular group and then cash out, you will be moved lower. Therefore it is important to have the required number of BAPs on the account not to lose your group and to maintain your earnings. In this case, if you want to cash out and stick to your group, 2/3 of the BAPs on your account should be reinvested into buying the ads.
This strategy will help you to move steadily to a higher group and to earn more than 10$ daily in several months. Each group has its own earning level from 0.04$ to 62.9$ a day, the website contains the conditions which work for different groups.

Partnership Program

The service has its referral program which helps earn from buying ad packages and ad views. A referral will earn 7% of the sum spent on the ads, referral’s ad views will bring 3%.

PTCshare Registration

You can start earning money on bux once you create an account on At the top of the page click Sign up or scroll down the main page and find the button “Register Now”.

In the opened registration form, enter your login, password (twice), email (also twice). Then check reCAPTCHA and click “Create account”.

A letter with the confirmation link will be sent to the specified email address. Follow the link to log into the website by entering your email and password, then you will be forwarded to your personal account.

PTCshare – how to deposit?

Use a link “Add Funds” in your personal account.

Then you will be asked to enter your date of birth, after that you can top up your account. On this page select payment request and click the appropriate button in Add Funds.

If you haven’t entered you bank details in the settings, then you will see a form asking to specify a wallet. In the pop-up window you enter the sum together with the acting charge. Then click Submit. Then the payment goes.

How to cash out in

Cashout procedure is similar to account top-up. In your personal account follow the same link “Add Funds”. Earnings will be accrued on the account balance, therefore it should be first exchanged and then cashed out. To do this, scroll down the page, and you will see an exchange form on the right. Enter sum, payment request, and your date of birth for verification purposes. Now click Submit.

When you are finished with the exchange, click Cashout opposite the required payment request. Then you need to enter the sum, don’t forget that the minimum sum is 1$. Cashout time limit is 7 days, but in practice it is done quicker and on the next day after sending the request. reviews

Overall, it should be said, that this bux looks attractive with promising earning opportunities. The users invest, behave actively and could really get appropriate daily profit. The administrators are reputable and experienced in these services, that is why, the cooperation with this project could be quite profitable and long-term. This high quality platform has already drawn the attention of many users, and the positive reviews prove that it is popular and much-in-demand.


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