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This article will tell you about a new investment fund called Amfeix. This review will show how you can benefit from this project and what terms and conditions this fund can offer to the investors and partners.

Amfeix - project reviews

Amfeix is an attractive properly prepared investment project which started on 21.05.2019.
The investment fund looks like a blockchain-project and is different from the typical high-yield programs: the fund website is properly installed, it runs on a self-written script, Whitepaper is rather detailed, the team members are written about, there are the documents about the registration in Indonesia and monthly reports about the results of their work for 2019.
The investment starts with creating a wallet on the fund website, then you can deposit and get a floating profit of up to 20% every month. At the moment the fund deals with bitcoins, and this is a good oopportunity to get the profit from the investment offer and from coin exchange rate.

Information about the Investment Fund

The website says that the project is an investment blockchain-based fund. Investors' deposits are grouped into pools and used by the experienced traders to trade at the stock exchanges. Blockchain technology provides security and anonymity of the stakeholders, while the investors' money is stored in cold wallets for security reasons.

Marketing in

Amfeix wallet gives investors the opportunity to get a 10-20% floating profit every month. Investment periods are unlimited, it means that your deposit will work for you for life. An investor can withdraw the principal sum of the deposit at any time, if needed.
• Returns on marketing: 10% - 20% every month
• Investment periods: unlimited
• Deposit withdrawal: any time

Marketing features:

• Minimal investment: 0.02 BTC.
• Payment systems: only Bitcoins are accepted.
• Withdrawal from the project: a manual mode can take up to 24 hours.
• Transaction fee: no.
• Partnership program: 10% from the profits of the direct referrals.

Amfeix – registration in the project

As usual, to get started with the investment fund, you should register with Amfeix (follow this link to an official website). Click "Start investing" on the main page.

You will be prompted to create a wallet and to enter your password in the first place. Type it twice, then click "Next".

Then you will see a 12-word code phase which must be securely saved – it will restore the access to the wallet, if required.

On the next page, the project verifies whether you have saved the code phase and asks you to repeat it. Type every word in its own box, then click "Finish". After that, you will be redirected to your personal account, and the main page will display your bitcoin-wallet address. This is where you should transfer the coins for investment. Just copy this address and transfer the money.

Once your transaction is confirmed in the net, click “AMFEIX Fund” and confirm the deposit opening.


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